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Jan 9, 2013 9:00am PST
for the republican party. >> you're in politics to win to get your ideas. we lost two national elections in the row. we need to think about doing something different. >> there's plenty in new jersey in politics, as well. >> a lot less than there used to be. >> a new poll confirms christie winning support from both sides of the aisle. 73% of new jerseyans approve of him, including 62% of democrats. last night christie delivered his state of the state address, which was chock full of calls for cooperation. we don't have that sound. the washington post dana milbank paints christie as an anomaly. americans are crying out for an end to ideological warfare. that has developed into christie's signature in new jersey. a poll found support for the tea party is at record lows, while the poll found 24% called themselves tea party members in 2010, 8% see themselves as one now. evenly between democrats and republicans, that changed this past year. currently, 47% of americans identify with democrats compared to 42% who align with the gop. last night on "hardball," crusader dick army diagnosed the problem as mist
Jan 11, 2013 9:00am PST
are stepping forward, and you don't have a politic that's even functional enough for actual elected conservatives. >> i am still a believer in a functi fucking two-party system, and it's hard to believe that the republican party is going to march under the especially whenever chris christie comes out, there's a sort of round of applause that he is saying. i can't imagine that they think this is a tenable position, and this leaves the ground work for a position on immigration that's in any way moderate, and how do they go through the next two years? >> the question is whether as governor ed rendell said, you may have 60% in fare of the law, but if only 10% of people who really, really care intensely about it, will make it a single issue, are the opponents? you know, it's not going to go anywhere, and that has been the situation with gun rights is that the only people who care enough to make it a single issue are the gun owners. i'm not sure that's still true, and that will be the thing. >> intensity is critically important, but the other piece of this is money and politics. the fact
Jan 8, 2013 9:00am PST
, but honestly, alex, i think it comes back to this idea that everyone thought after president obama was re-elected with such high margins that they would play ball during the lame-duck. they didn't do it until the last possible moment. the one ray of hope you want to look at in the house republican conference, i call them the cole caucus. cole said to come out with the 50 or below plan. there's about 65 members that voted for the fiscal cliff deal who are still around who have not retired. those 65 are going to be the group that john boehner must have for any final deal on the debt limit, government funding, or the sequester because i'm pretty confident the rest of his conference is not willing to play ball to add to the national debt under any circumstances, and he is going to have to look like a strong leader to them. hence, he is going to go to the 11th hour once again. >> he has to come back from daqari land. look luke russert who would tie himself to the train for a deal. >> i would do that. we beat the thunder, professor. what a win. >> i was right there, my brother. right there with you. >>
Jan 14, 2013 9:00am PST
economy and put people back to work. despite the election results, the position that's been taken on the part of some house republicans is that, no, we got to do it our way. if we don't, we simply won't pay america's bills. well, that can't be a position that is sustainable over time. >> it's not one i want to establish not just for my presidency, but for future presidents. even if it was on the other side. democrats don't like voting for the debt ceiling when a republican is president, and, yet, you -- but you never saw a situation in which democrats suggested somehow that we would go ahead and default if we didn't get 100% of our way. that's not how it's supposed to work. john carl. >> thank you, mr. president. on the issue of guns, given how difficult it will be, some would say impossible, to get any gun control measure passed through this congress what are you willing to & able to do in the power of your presidency to act without congress, and i would also like to know, what do you make of these long lines we're seeing at gun shows and gun stores all around the country? i mean
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am PST
and then beating them like a drum in the next election. now, they just added 100,000 members. they have 4.2 million. it's less than a kwaurlt of the names that obama has in his obama for america database. it's a tiny fraction of the aarp. i don't use gun control anymore because i -- you have a lot of people on the right side of this argument. they just haven't taken as seriously as the nra folks have. that's what has to change. they have to take their arguments about hitler and stalin into the 2014 election and get stomped in those suburban districts. they'll win the rural vote, but in the swing suburban districts where you have people with a lot of commonsense, if they get beat and beat bad and they -- democrats focus on these districts not only can they get some gun control legislation, but they can get the house back. this is about the nuts and bolts of politics and developing a moment that it's the only thing that's ever caused change in this. >> why that's really important is that the nra wants us to fall into this trap of making this about a bill or making this about a restriction or a legisl
Jan 7, 2013 9:00am PST
a liability for the president or democrats moving into the next election cycle? >> it's a real issue, and i think it's also really revved up in what we're going to see with the nomination with chuck hagel right now. it's impossible to sort of separate out these two conversations. i think that you are going to see people on both sides of the aisle press hagel during his nomination hearings assuming that we get to that point, and i assume we will, because i don't think this is going to get yanked for any particular reason barring anything new coming up. i think we're going to see him get pressed for specifics about exactly where he stands. he has said he is going to follow the president's policy, and so this is going to be used to try to extract as much of a bit of information about that as well. >> the fact that he is a decorated war hero, hagel is. they've said that, inasmuch as anything. i think these are decision ez will make with full heart and sound mind. >> hopefully we'll go to the exact point that p.j. was making. it's sad that 11 years later we're still having this conversation late
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)